My Personal Life

I was the first child, the first grandchild and the first niece. Given the name Jeanne Pauline Dino Llave, I was a joy and happiness to my family. I’m now 19 years old of age and the eldest among four siblings of Ma. Cristi Dino Llave and Jaime Marqueses Llave. I was brought to the world on the morning of April 26, 1995 at Ziga Memorial Hospital formerly Tabaco General Hospital, Tabaco City, Albay. I have three other younger siblings namely Ma. Jemiline Llave, Christian Kevin Llave and Clara Llave.

At the age of six, my father passed away, and not a year later my mother lived with another man, leaving us in the care of our grandparents. At a very young age, I started to see and know things that most of my ages that time doesn’t even comprehend. Innocence was taken away from my young vocabulary. I took up my grade school at Baranghawon Elementary School where I graduated as salutatorian and pursued my high school degree at Tabaco National High School. Throughout those ten years, I suffered a lot of losses, pain, regrets and disappointments. For some, they could see it as a very miserable life. But I think otherwise.

Upon graduating, I stopped for a whole year to work and then continued with my college education through the aid of my blood relatives living here in Cavite. I’m currently taking up my second year in BS Accountancy course here at Imus Institute.

Like most teenagers, I enjoy spending my leisure time on doing my favorite hobbies. Reading books and novels, writing stories, drawing and surfing the net are my frequent time killers. I’m into music and dancing as well, though I’m not that good in both. Most of my time is usually spent on pondering random thoughts like wondering what lies ahead my future or trying to understand some things that I sometimes fail to grasp at times.

Mentioning about future, I envision my life to be something completely different from what I’ve lived in the past 19 years. I want to see myself on that stage holding my diploma not as a future CPA but a future Architect like my deceased father. I want to see myself walking down that aisle on my most prettiest with the only guy whom I’ll vow to God to spend the rest of my life with. I want to be a caring and loving wife to him, a good mother to my future children and most importantly, to be a good and responsible daughter and sister to my mother and siblings. I want to see them successful in their career choice and to have a blessed and fruitful life as well. I want to be a woman of confidence, reputation, dignity and independence. I want to let my dreams happen. I want to do good service to my people and to God who, of all people, had always been there to guide me and love me on my weakest and darkest journey. Most importantly, I want to see my sole purpose unfolds in front my own eyes.

But for now, my goal is to finished my studies and build a career for my own. I want to dream even bigger dreams. I want to enjoy my youthful years to explore and learn new things. I want to know more about what I can do, make risk and make mistakes. I want to build relationships, build strong bonds with people around me and have a positive mindset at all times. Most importantly, I want to be a responsible Christian youth and to continue my service to God and build an even stronger relationship with Him.


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