“You were made by God and for God – and until you understand that, life will never make sense.”

The essence of being God-centered is God Himself. For me, living a God-centered life starts in discovering God within us and realizing His plans for us. It’s in God that we find out who we are and what we are living for, and unless we accept that fact, we’ll never get to see life the other way around.
Being God-centered has always been one of the core virtues being molded within each of us. It has always been the mission of people in our school, our Church, our society and even in our work to install this very important value in us to live by.
For me, being God-centered doesn’t always shows in praying the same monotonous, scripted prayers or going to church every Sunday. It shows in a deeper spiritual relationship we have with God.
It starts by surrendering ourselves to Him and accepting Him in our life. To be a God-centered person, we live our life with God in the center. Without God, our life would not find its purpose, and without purpose, our life would not know its meaning, and without meaning, our life would have no significance or hope at all.
To be God-centered, we should put God first in everything we do, in every decision we make, in every actions we take and in every hardship we face. We should seek first God’s wisdom and guidance. This is where we will fully grasp the true significance of God in our life. To be God-centered, we must trust God whole-heartedly and abide in His Words. Furthermore, we should have a deep and everlasting faith in Christ.
To be God-centered, we should be contented with what God has set for us and be thankful for everything He has done. We must learn to accept the road He has prepared and laid for us. We should learn to listen and be patient, and open our hearts and mind to understand His love, wisdom and guidance. It could be done beginning with reading the Bible and praying and having a personal devotion.
To be God-centered means we not only follow His commandments but also we set it as a standard for us to live a righteous life. We must love not only God, but as well as ourselves and our neighbors. We must learn to give, share, value, and trust, endure, and sacrifice. We must know the essence of respect, humility, obedience, truth, justice, contentment, love, peace, and faith.
Being God-centered doesn’t always concern our own self premises. To be God-centered, we should also put Christ and His Words amidst our relationship with our neighbors, our friends, and our family and love ones. To be God-centered, we shouldn’t just keep God’s Words within us, but share them with those people we meet.
The most important thing of being God-centered is that we do things to please God and do the works of His hands to help others in need. We should always praise, worship and glorify His name.

For some, being God-centered is but difficult. That’s a common mere misconception people usually think. True, living through Christ Words is full of struggles, hardships, and sacrifices. Yet, what we don’t try to understand is God’s reason for letting pain touch our lives. God Himself suffered pain. He so loved the world that He gave His only son to suffer and die for us, for the forgiveness of our sin. The essence of being God-centered is not always about enduring pain and facing sorrow, but it’s about living morally upright, showing mercy, forgiving those who sin against us, having no bitterness, resentment and hatred in our hearts, seeing things positively, and being contented with what life has to offer.

We live more effectively for Christ when we keep our eyes on Him. Truly, being God-centered is accepting God not based solely on His blessings but because without God, we are nothing .He is not just the starting point of our life; he is the source of it.


“The only accurate way to understand ourselves is by what God is and by what He does for us”
Romans 12:3


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