missing you

I haven’t seen your name for a while. I’d like to say I miss your text, your touching messages. But if I were to tell the truth, that wouldn’t quite be true cause what I really miss is you.


  Looking back…

  Looking back, all i could see is this boy i’d shared a rather mutual bond with. He was my crush back then, yet i found him more likely of an older brother. I liked him. I really liked him a lot! Unfortunately, he already had a girlfriend even before. I was aware of it yet i still let myself fall for him. I felt like an idiot but i couldn’t do anything about what i feel. I just kept it to myself. I didn’t want him to know either because i was too afraid that he would left me. I didn’t want that! Even just for a friend i wanted to keep him..to be with him…to laugh with him…and to fall for him.

 Even though we weren’t that close in person, we still spent so much fun talking to each other on the phone. We would make fun with each other and throw jokes and stuffs like that. We never really got bored arguing about nonsense things. It was really fun honestly.

I guess we were able to spent time really with each other only on occasional. The last time i was with him was about 5 months ago. It was the 2nd time i saw him after a whole year since we graduated high school and i could still remember how wild we were back at the restaurant, though it was my treat! >.< We were doing nothing but silly things, acting like mindless kids! i was wishing that day won’t pass by!

 Now, after all we’d been through, he still left me! or was it the other way around? i had to go after that day to study in another place. So, actually, i was the one who left him. But, i didn’t really. Everyday, i would text him, and so as he. But lately, he haven’t talk. The last time we did, we even had an argument and since then he never text me again.

I really missed him. T_T

Hi! i’m Jeanne. 17 and a 1st year Business Administration student. i’m not that cute, nor smart nor talented. i’m just simply a plain girl who loves being who i am…just being me! 🙂